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ProDAD Mercalli is known as an industry standard. Therefore, professionals and enthusiasts probably consider Mercall the most effective and versatile stabilization solution. The only obstacle, especially for those who like to work intuitively and quickly, was the fairly lengthy material analysis process that was previously necessary. But it was still necessary! For ProDAD Mercalli RT deeper video analysis is no longer needed before stabilization.

For the first time, the frame stabilizes in real time directly on your timeline. If you want, you can creatively adjust the scale of the stabilization, zoom in and choose the nature of the stabilization to fit perfectly with the nature of each scene.

Since high-quality video stabilization no longer requires extra time, you can now apply proven Mercall stabilization to all your projects. And even better: along with proDAD Mercalli RT we’re introducing the proDAD Photo Enhanzer as an additional real-time add-on for the Mercalli V5 Suite for Magix. Picture Enhanzr automatically analyzes and optimizes the dynamics, contrast and brightness of your videos in real time. Your images will look brighter, more detailed and more vivid. If you want, you can also refine the layout to your liking or ask Mercall to adjust the optimum values ​​for each scene automatically. You and your viewers will see the difference and enjoy your work even more.

ProDAD Mercalli RT real-time performance is another milestone in video stabilization, and Picture Enhanzr is another real-time addition that will highlight your photos with richer colors and even stunning dynamics. For intensive CMOS correction in Magix, which can even correct yellow oscillations or distortions, CMOS FIXR Pro is your accessory, and for the most challenging stabilization jobs, Mercalli Pro is the right accessory for you. With these two new additions, Mercalli RT and Picture Enhanzr, Mercalli V5 Suite for Magix, which complements Mercalli Pro, CMOS Fixr Pro and Mercalli Standalone, you’re perfectly ready to optimize, stabilize and improve almost any type of video.

NEW: Real-time stabilization for all your videos

– Live play

– Analyzes are not required before stabilization

– New stabilization profile Fixed camera added to remove all movement for highly stable appearance (especially for interviews, scene shots and documentaries with long telephoto lenses)

– Deliberate filling: the release limits created during the stabilization process can be filled with picture frames close to the corresponding content if desired.

– correct simple blinds

– Stabilization profiles for common applications, such as:

– Glide Cam: The virtual camera smoothly tracks the movement of the real camera and removes sudden and shaky movements.

– Sports camera: A virtual camera generally monitors the fast movement of a real camera and buys sudden and shaky movements.

– Science Step: Stabilization similar to Steadycam, but without limits and filling edges. (Good for parameter estimation and optimization of settings.)

– Fixed camera: The virtual camera is set to a fixed point without tracking the real camera.

– Steadycam: (floating camera) The virtual camera monitors that actual camera movements are better, so remote movements getavoid them.

– Wide range of details for stabilization management

– Diagnostics: Technical data is displayed

– Folding screen that is image-stabilizing to optimize settings

– Overlay display to estimate processing time and real-time performance

– Display real-time results to estimate flow rates and stabilization

– Supports up to 256 cores for faster processing or higher resolution or higher frame rate calculation in real time

NEW: effectively real-time video optimization

– Real-time life

– No previous analyzes required

– Supports up to 256 cores for faster processing or higher resolution or higher frame rate calculation in real time

– Optimizes contrast and brightness automatically according to image content. Balancing contrast and uneven brightness in video sequence. Optionally, the image can be divided into separate fields. This allows (for example) the air to be treated differently from the ground.

– Brightness, dynamics and color saturation can also be adjusted manually.

– Safe colors force values ​​to stay inside the YUV. This optional setting can be important when working in a studio / broadcast environment as values ​​outside this range may not be displayed correctly.

– works internally within RGB color space; YUV-444; 8bit / 10bit

proDAD Mercalli Stabilizr PRO Magix and proDAD Mercalli CMOS-Fixr PRO Magix

Both additions share a proven comprehensive video analysis that is further optimized and accelerated based on a very powerful and versatile image stabilizer. This intensive processing, needed for complex cases only, ensures a stable frame even in very challenging conditions.

Compared to real-time accessories, these differences in handling and use are:

-Performances: Supports state-of-the-art hardware architecture (up to 256 cores) for fast analysis and fast frame drawing

– The fully automatic stabilizer can be conveniently applied to several terminals.

– Interactive transition diagrams for easy identification of critical zones in a video series for manual optimization of the degree and quality of stabilization.

– Greater clarity in static video due to new algorithms that require less zoom, especially for built-in video

– The lower zoom ratio ensures higher resolution and maintains a wider angle

– On / Off stabilization allows you to easily and quickly stabilize shorter sections of video sequence without the need to clip a clip

– Spherical videos up to 170 can be stabilized while holding a spherical display

– Stereoscopic 3D material can now be stabilized

Extensive set of camera profiles for many lenses

Particularly resistant to obstacles such as:

– other items

– Extreme lighting conditions

– Image noise

– flat areas (eg white air or unstructured or visible water surface)

– A cover screen that visualizes the stabilization process to further improve the settings.

– works internally in the color space: RGB; YUV-444; 8bit / 10bit

Supports 4K and Cinemascope

– Advanced roller shutter adjustment

– GPU supports faster processing (requires compatible graphics card)

proDAD for Mercalli CMOS-Fixr PRO Magix

– Performance: Supports state-of-the-art hardware (up to 256 cores) that allows fast analysis

– Comprehensive and intensive adaptation of the blind

– There are even effectsLarge CMOS, such as distortion, oscillations or jello, are corrected

– works internally in the color space: RGB; YUV-444; 8 pieces