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Winstep Dock is a fully customized dock designed to give you the aesthetics and services of Mac OS X, tired of the taskbar window and want to fix the computer interface, Winstep Nexus Dock is a great, free way to try out the dock. Winstep Dock is full of many services and themes, widgets and options for customizing character and appearance. It can even be used as a complete replacement of the function bar if (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); Winstep Dock is popular because it shares many services with the advent of ObjectDock, one of our favorite workspaces. Although they look similar, we found ObjectDock to be more intuitive to use and convert. There is no doubt that the Winstep Dock is full of services, but menus and options are scattered everywhere and you need to learn how to use the latest version of the Winstep Nexus Dock, which allows you to create multiple ports, socket ports, create shelves and etc. We believe that the free version will be enough for ordinary users, Winstep Nexus Dock is a great free maintenance program that can be as simple as launching a program or feature as an alternative to the Windows taskbar. See ObjectDock for something with a more intuitive interface.