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Automatic photo ID with Canon Powershot cameras.

inPhoto ID PS provides camera control, automatic image viewing, automatic face recognition in live images, automatic face reduction, resizing and image enhancement, recording, storage or transfer of TWAIN applications.

in Photo ID Features Features of PS:

– View live image and rotate image.

– Automatic face recognition in the image directly in the view display window.

– Lower the face and improve after detection.

– Manage camera settings from your computer:

– Transfer images to apps that support TWAIN.

Ability to record time.

– Save the photo ID to the file:

The cropped image is stored in a file on your computer’s disk.

Ability to record time.

– Ability to work as a TWAIN driver

– Ability to work as a standalone program.

– Save all settings in user profile.


Unique and unique solution for remote recording and control of modern Canon PowerShot cameras. Good quality and full control of camera settings.

Cutting frames in Real Image simplifies and speeds up the process of creating tag images.

TWAIN interface support enhances your other apps to work with your Canon PowerShot camera.

The inPhoto ID driver PS TWAIN automatically controls all active Canon PowerShot cameras directly from all TWAIN compatible applications.

Images are automatically saved to third-party applications without the need to save a central file or use a copy board.

The process of processing group photos, identification card identification and face recognition is now simpler and more productive using the inPhoto ID PS TWAIN drive.

Intuitive, simple and user interface.

InPhoto ID PS photo ID and camera management software are easy to learn and use.

All the controls you need to photograph are on one screen.

Known features you used to use the camera.

inPhoto ID PS has the same feature name as the Canon PowerShot Camera. You do not need to spend time learning how to use the camera remotely via the inPhoto ID PS app.

Fast running software.

Recording images with software compatible with TWAIN or with a file on disk takes a few seconds (recording speed depends on the resolution of the image selected by the camera model);

The face recognition principle works without obvious delay.

Reliable, professional and timely technical support.

Consistent product, thoroughly tested and constantly improved.

Remote control of camera settings

Remote control of zoom;

Exposure measurement method;

White Balance: Ability to select the best white balance arrangement from a list of available options (depending on camera design). Photo colors will be better represented if white balance is selected based on lighting conditions;

ISO speed: it is recommended to increase the ISO value if you are shooting at high shutter speeds or if you want to reduce the risk of image capture while shaking the camera;

Flight mode: Camera combustion can be turned on or off all the time, or you can turn it on automatically if the light is too low. Red eyes reduction is also available. Adequate flash settings depend on the camera model;

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